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Sunday, August 26, 2012


My husband and I went on a motorcycle ride today going north.
He asked me where I would like to go so I started searching the Indiana
locations on the internet to see if I could find some place that would interest me.
I did find the place.  It's called Grabill and it's a small town northeast of 
Fort Wayne, Indiana.  What caught my attention of this place
was its Amish origins.

Grabill began as a Mennonite community but the Amish settled here
in 1852.  The biggest difference that we noticed about the Amish in this area
is that they ride open buggies instead of closed ones that you would
find in the Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York area.

 The road that Jorge turned to go to Grabill had no electricity lines at all.
There were Amish farms on both sides of the road.

 They were riding their bicycles.

 They were riding in their buggies.

 The old General Store in Grabill

 As Jorge and I were at the gas station, this Amish family was leaving.
I wonder if the horse took premium or regular unleaded.

 As we made it to our son's and his wife's home for dinner,
we were surprised because they and our youngest son, Chris,
 had invited several other young people from CRU to come
and celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary.

Our son David, his wonderful wife Amber and their dog Eva.

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