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Thursday, August 2, 2012


Yesterday I had shared how twenty ladies from the quilt guild that I'm 
a member of gathered to take a class to learn how to do the
feathered star.  Unfortunately, our teacher was a no show.
Well, he was the guest speaker for today at the guild and he showed up!
He had written the date wrong on his calendar for the class.
Thankfully, the class is going to be rescheduled.
Kent Mick loves to quilt and he shared with us some
of the quilts he brought.  He most definitely loves stars.
He had no problem telling us his mistakes or why he does things the way he does.
Enjoy the pictures of the quilts I took.

 Our guest speaker Kent Mick.  He starts and finishes all of his quilts.
He quilts them on his regular sewing machine.

 His very first quilt

 The blue fabric of this stack and whack quilt he found at
a garage sale.  There was 14 yards of it and he paid $1.00 for it!

 The back of the above quilt 

 The back of the above quilt

 This quilt he has won several quilt shows.  
It's stunning!

The feathered star that the guild will learn when the class has been rescheduled.

For those of you that would like to know more about him, The Journal Gazette of Fort Wayne did an interview.  Follow the link below to read about him.

Kent Mick article 

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