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Monday, August 13, 2012


Sunday was one of the few times that we did not go to church.
Instead, Jorge and I got on our motorcycle and off we went.
The weather was wonderful and we enjoyed the day.
We headed east for our fun time.

 A barn quilt we saw on the way.

 I love the old courthouses that these towns we passed through
have not demolished for newer ones.

 Many years ago, before we had children, we went to this place
with our Sunday School class.  We had so much fun.
A lot of wonderful memories.
 As we're having lunch, we realize we weren't the only ones
out for a motorcycle ride.
 Governor Abram Hammond lived on this site as a boy.
He was governor from 1860 - 1861.
This house is located in Brookville, Indiana.
 The Brookville's courthouse.  The first courthouse was a log house.
The second built in 1814 was made out of brick and it burned down in 1852.
The third was remodeled on 1912 to what it looks like now.
The first jail and the first school stood in this square.
 As we're having lunch, our interest was piqued when we see old cars
passing by.  That's when we remembered we saw signs
for a classic car show.  So off we went to see.

 This is the Hermitage where artists J. Ottis Adams and T.C. Steele
set up their studios.  It was a home for an art colony for several years.
 A lock wall near Brookville.  A canal boat from Brookville
had to be lifted up eleven feet to get across the creek.
 Gordon's or Millville Lock #24 was one of the 56 locks
on the Whitewater Canal constructed to accommodate
 a 491 foot drop along its course.
 To finish off the day right, we ride to Cammak for
ice cream.  Wonderful way to end the day.

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