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Friday, August 23, 2013


I have a dear friend who got me started again with yarn.
I had taught myself when I was a newlywed.
Most of my work at that time was not good at all and I gave up.
With her encouragement, I started back up again about three years ago.
Lisa, my friend, is an avid yarn lover.
I was thinking what I could give her for Christmas
and I thought an afghan would be nice.

This particular afghan took me about four months to complete.
It was much easier than I had expected.
Here are the directions to making this afghan.

  • Chain 171 loosely.
  • Row 1:  DC in fourth chain from hook and in each chain across.  (3 skipped chains count as first dc): 169 dc
  • Row 2:  (Right side):  chain 3 (counts as first dc, now and throughout), turn; dc in next dc, work popcorn, (dc in next 3 dc, work popcorn) across to last 2 dc, dc in last 2 dc:  42 popcorns.
  • Row 3:  chain 3, turn; dc in next dc and in each st across: 169 dc.
  • Row 4:  chain 5 (counts as first tr plus ch 1), turn; skip next dc, tr in next dc, (ch 1, skip next dc, tr in next dc) across: 85 tr.
  • Row 5:  chain 3, turn; dc in each ch-1 sp and in each tr across: 169 dc
  • Row 6-67:  Repeat rows 2-5, 15 times, then repeat rows 2 and 3 once more.  Finish off.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I finally finished piecing the quilt together.
All that is left is to quilt it.
I have not decided yet how to quilt this.
The quilt will make its debut this weekend at the
state rally this weekend.

Thursday, August 8, 2013


As many of you know, my husband and I love to ride our motorcycle.
Every once in a while, I get the desire to buy one for myself.
I have shared with you our adventures on the
motorcycle as we ride in Indiana and in the East coast.

We both are members of the  Christian Motorcyclists Association.
They are based in Hatfield, Arkansas.
Their minister to individuals in the motorcycle world 
in many different ways.

The CMA holds a fundraiser only once a year.
The association keeps 40% of the funds.
The other 60% is divided between three different organizations.
They are the Jesus Film Project, Missionary Ventures, and Brother Andrew.
If you are interested in learning more about their work,
click on the link below:

With that little blurb about the group my husband and I are involved in,
each chapter is responsible for raising funds for Run for the Son.
The chapters can raise the funds throughout the year
in many different ways.

So with that in mind, I'm making a quilt for our chapter to raffle off.
I don't know where I found the motorcycle fabric but I'm glad I bought it.
The quilt is going to be a queen size quilt once it's all done.
Pictured below are the two blocks that I have made for this quilt.
I plan on having it ready by next week in time for the state rally.
That's when I'm going to take it and start selling tickets.
If you are interested or know of someone that would 
like a motorcycle quilt, please contact me.

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Yesterday the day started off not well for me. My stomach was not doing well. The weather also did not cooperate for us to go boating. So we all had a relaxing day. Jorge and I did a power walk for 1.5 miles. I just did not want to go running. 

We headed into town to go antiquing. Jorge and I realized that French Lick and West Baden are right next to each other. We went to two antique stores and found a few things. Jorge was happy in finding tools made in the USA.  I found a nice green bowl for a birthday present for a friend of mine. 

We headed to the West Baden Hotel. The entrance was beautiful with brick paved roads and hydrangeas lining up the center of the road. The hotel has beautiful sunken garden with perfectly manicures bushes and no weeds I their flower beds or lawn. How I wish mine could be that way. We found out that the hotel was used as an Army hospital during WWI.  

We ended the day with David and Amber making a delicious meal of shishkabobs, salad, and beans. We went out for a sunset boat ride and came home to watch a movie. Life is good. 

The first antique store we went to where Jorge found his tools. 

The entrance to the Wet Baden hotel. 

One of the views of the hotel. 
I loved the porch. 

Howdy and his driver. The horse is 17 years old and very gentle. 

The beautiful sunken garden. 

The beautiful hydrangeas. 

The second antique store we went to. It originally was a furniture store. 

David having fun with the grill. 

A delicious meal. 

A sunset boat ride.