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Friday, July 25, 2014


With all that has been going on in our family,
I needed something fun to do.
I made this quilt today after watching
yesterday the television show "Sewing with Nancy."
Her guest was Debbie Bowles.
Debbie showed how to do an 18-inch block.

Once I saw how to do the block, I decided I had to make it.
It's a very easy block to do.
These directions will make 12 blocks
and the quilt will measure 54 x 72 inches.
Here are the requirements for the quilt that I made.

  • 1 5/8 yard to make the 12 1/2 inch square block
  • 1/2 yard to make the 6 1/2 inch square block
  • 1 yard to make rectangle block  (I used black fabric)
  • 1 yard to make rectangle block  (I used tan fabric)
  1. Cut twelve 12 1/2 inch square block.
  2. Cut twelve 6 1/2 inch square block
  3. Cut twelve 7 x 12 1/2 inch rectangles of one fabric for the rectangle
  4. Cut twelve 7 x 12 1/2 inch rectangles of the other fabric.
Take the two different rectangle pieces and line them up right sides up.  Mark the top fabric 2 1/2 inches from one corner and 2 1/2 inches the opposite corner.  Take your ruler and match the points and using your rotary cutter, cut the fabric at an angle.  Sew the angled pieces.  You will have a small tail and that is needed to make it level when you're sewing it.

It's very easy to piece this block.  The finished size is 18 inches.  
There are different ways that you can play with the blocks to set it up.
I added the border which is 3 1/2 inches wide.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


As many of you have seen, I've not written on my blog for a while.
There is a reason behind this lack of writing.
We found out back in May that
my mother-in-law has been diagnosed with cancer.
The weirdest thing is that she has it on her tongue.
She has never been a smoker!
The cancer has gotten to her left lymph node of her neck.

She had to have several things done to her to prepare
her for her radiation treatments.
Because of the bad condition her teeth,
they all had to be removed
Their condition was not good and the
oncologist told us that when she begins her
radiation treatments, her teeth will fall out
and infection might set in because the
radiation would not allow the healing.
Secondly, they added a feeding tube.

My husband was in Chicago for a week
to help take care of her.
He has a younger brother who lives there also.
I've been going up every other week to take care of her.

Needless to say, these trips do not leave 
much time to do any hobbies or interests.
Please keep us in your prayers as we
are on this journey.
It's not a journey that any of us wanted,
but that's the way it is.
We trust in our Lord.