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Monday, April 30, 2012


I have found a great way to fold fat quarters instead of the typical square folding.  Here we go:

First, lay out your fat quarter and fold into thirds, lengthwise.

 Tuck up the lower left-hand corner. This is what will make the point of your first triangle.
 It may take a little adjusting until you get the hang of it.

Start folding from the bottom right-hand side.

Continue folding until there is a small flap left. Tuck flap inside.

They can be stacked in a criss-cross style. 
Tie with a ribbon or piece of twine and you're done!

Friday, April 27, 2012



 The Quilt Capital of Iowa now has sidewalks paved with quilting heritage
Follow the link below.  I liked what they did here.

Sidewalks with quilts 

Also follow the link below about the Kalona, Iowa Quilt Block Walking Tour.
Check out the photos taken by Chris Dishman.

Quilt Block Walking Tour