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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I was raised a city girl in Chicago, Illinois.  My mom was a farm girl in Colombia but my dad never was raised in the country.  The closest I ever got to a cow was when I was a child and we visited friends of my parents that lived out in the country. 

When I got married, the Lord sent my husband and me to Indiana.  Little did I realize that my "country" gene was dormant until it got activated when I moved here.  We have bee living out in the country for several years and we love it! 

Last week, I went to the Farm Festival held in a neighboring county.  I got to see lots of things and loved every minute of it.  If I could only convince my husband of letting me raise chickens.  Some day!

My local beekeepers

Working on horseshoes

I was tempted in taking this machine home with me.

One of the many old tractors on display

This rooster was making himself heard.

Sheep shearing

Old farming tools

Delicious kettle corn.  I loved it!

Indiana State Police

Your friendly real estate agent.

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