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Thursday, January 26, 2012



Ours love popcorn. We have lots of sunflower seed feeders, too, but they also love this.
While their Mama loves making long strings of popcorn and cranberries for the birds, 

All you need is floral wire, thread (cotton, preferably, as it’s biodegradable) or ribbon, and something delicious – popcorn, bits of dried apples, berries, dried orange pieces – whatever you’ve got.
If you’re stringing popcorn, let it sit for a couple of days (up high so the babes don’t eat your precious stale popcorn).

If you’re making hearts, cut a length that suits you – twelve inches or so – and bend in half so you have the pointed part of the heart at the bottom where it bends. Just fill up either side with goodies. Then twist the ends (forming the heart shape) and tuck to make it hold.

If you’d like to make stars, I’d say cut 20-25 inches, and bend it after you fill up four or five inches, to make the star. If you wait ’til the very end to bend it and you’re doing popcorn, you may lose a lot of it in the process.

Tie a thread on the top, and hang ‘em up outside.