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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Every year for the past five years I've participated in a New Year's Mystery Quilt Challenge and this years was no different.  In making this particular quilt, you are to follow the clues and complete the quilt in one day.  The quilts are not big, like for a bed, but they are fun to make.  This year's came from a quilt shop in New York.  They're the ones that I have done the quilts in the past.  She still has her instructions posted on her website.  Here is the link:

 Before I started this project, I had my coffee ready.

I selected fourteen different fabrics and cut them according to the directions.

 I then put them in the order that I wanted.

I started sewing the strips following the clues.

Once the strips were sewn, I had to cut them into triangles

The triangles ready to be sewn.

Following the directions, I sewed the triangles together to make squares.
I squared each of the blocks to 6 1/2 inches.

Each square was labeled for where it was going to be positioned.

I laid out the blocks on the floor with their label.
I took a picture of this so that when I was sewing the blocks
together, I would not forget how they were placed. 
That came out to be a big help for me.  
With this quilt, ironing the seams open instead of to one side
was better because it reduced the bulk.  It's a little bit more
tedious, but your quilt will lay flatter and will be
easier to quilt.

The finished product.
I really enjoyed doing this.  
Take the challenge of doing at least
one mystery quilt this year, you will
be pleasantly surprised.

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