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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Long before computers ever came into existence, people communicated with each other through letters.  These letters were coveted by the people that received them because through the letters, they would know what was happening.  When families started moving out west, letters were how they kept in touch.  Through letters, people were able to share experiences with their friends and families. 

Now a days, with e-mails and texting, letter writing has fallen on the wayside.  I still love getting handwritten notes because it shows me that the writer took time to write her thoughts on paper.

When both my sons were in boot camp, they would write us letters.  We still have those letters because they shared their experiences, good and bad, and we treasure them.  They also let us know how much they loved receiving mail.  It was their connection to home, family and friends.  

   Since today is "National Handwriting Day", why not send a sweet note to someone.  You never know the joy you'll give them when they receive your note.

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