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Saturday, January 14, 2012


Yesterday was a very cold and snowy day.  Well today is still
a cold and snowy day.  I shared that I would be spending
the day baking and quilting.  I shared the recipe
for the soft oat rolls that I made yesterday.  I'm
going to show you what quilt I made yesterday.
The above picture shows the quilt that I finished.
The pattern is called Square Deal but I changed the
name to Shadow Steps. 

I originally made this quilt in 2009 as a New Year's mystery.
The designer for the quilt is Kris Driessen from
the Quiltbug shop in New York.  You
can find her pattern on her website which is:

 What I loved about making this quilt is that even though
it appears Y-seams are sewn, that was not the case.
The quilt was made just using squares and rectangles.
 The fabric I chose for this quilt.  All cut up and ready to start piecing it.

I sewed the pieces to the main fabric in this manner.

Take your 6 1/2 inch square ruler and square it off.
Make sure that when you square the block, you have
a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

 The block looks like this.  All the blocks were made in
this manner.  Each block had a number so there is
no confusion as to the placement of the block.

 I lined up all of the blocks to make sure I
had not made a mistake.
This is the end result after adding the borders.
This quilt can be made in one day.  I did take
several breaks yesterday but this quilt can be done.
Like with any project, make sure you read twice, measure 
twice and cut ONCE!

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