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Monday, February 16, 2015


As many of you know, my husband and I have our own
motorcycles and we love riding them.
We also are members of the Christian Motorcyclists Association.
There are chapters all over the United States that are part of CMA.

Once a year, CMA has a fund raising event called Run for the Son.
It has always been the first Saturday in May.
The money raised is used for the ministry.  Here is the breakdown.
40% stays with CMA
20% goes to Open Doors
20% goes to Jesus Film Project
20% goes to Missionary Ventures

There is always a friendly competition between the states
as to who will raise the most money.
Each chapter  does different activities to raise the money.

I made a biker quilt that looks like a skull that 
will be auctioned off at the end of the month.
The quilt is a full size quilt.
Here are the directions on how to make this quilt.

  • 344 - 3 1/2 inch squares of assorted fabric
  • 2 yards of black fabric
  • 1 yard of fabric for border
  • 2/3 yard for binding

From the black fabric, cut strips in these sizes:
  • 14 - 3 1/2" x 3 1/2"
  • 2 - 3 1/2" x 6 1/2"
  • 13 - 3 1/2" x 9 1/2"
  • 4 - 3 1/2" x 12 1/2"
  • 10 - 3 1/2" x 15 1/2"
  • 8 - 3 1/2" x 18 1/2
  • 6 - 3 1/2" x 21 1/2"
This is the diagram of the quilt.
There are 27 rows by 21 columns
I worked row by row 
Once it is all pieced, the quilt will measure 63 1/2" x 147 1/2".
Add the borders and the finished size will be 69 1/2"x 153 1/2"
If you're not sure how to correctly add borders,
please go to the link below.

My fabric all cut up and ready to be pieced.

The lower part of the quilt 

The middle section of the quilt.
You can see the eyes in the center
of each of the black fabric area.

The lower part of the quilt and the 
middle part of the quilt all put together.

All of the sections put together.
I'm going to quilt flames on the black section 
of the quilt with orange thread and on the
skull, I'm going to use clear thread on the skull.