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Friday, April 14, 2017


It's been kind of hard trying to get motivated in doing
any kind of landscaping or yard work in my back yard.
I have such a long list of things that I want to get done.
When I look at that list I just get unmotivated
because of all that I would like to get done.
I would especially like to get it done
before it gets horribly hot here in Florida.

The last two weeks I started pushing myself in
getting started and checking off the things
on my list to get my yard the way I want it.

Last year I took out two very large bushes 
next to the back porch.
That was a lot of work, but I got it done.
It laid bare for a year because
I had not decided what I wanted to do
I would keep changing my mind.

This week I finally decided what I wanted to do
and off I went to the nursery to purchase my plants,
soil, and black mulch.
I had been amending the soil because for a long
time with shredded leaves  and grass cuttings
because it's all sand.

At the nursery I bought three roses, two small dahlias, and five hostas.
I was very happy to get started on working
in the back yard and making it look like the way I want.
It took me pretty much all day to get everything done.
I'm very happy with the way things turned out.

 The area where I was making  the changes.

 After 25 years of service, my back hoe broke.

The three roses that I purchased are yellow and smell so good.

 The yellow rose is called Patrick.

 One of the dahlias

 Finished project.

The shade garden in a corner of the backyard.

I  am very pleased with the way things have turned out.
This has motivated me to continue my work
in the back yard and get it to look like I want.
Off to my next project!

Thursday, February 2, 2017


This new year I've been challenging myself to learn new stitches.
I'm a member of a crochet group on  Facebook
and one of ladies posted a picture of an afghan
she made using  the Bavarian crochet stitch.
I fell in love with her project that I had to make one.

Again, I went to Youtube to the Crochet  Crowd channel
and found the video with the step by step instructions.
To see how this is made, click the link below.

I'm making a  baby blanket for a friend of mine.
She and her husband are expecting a baby boy
and the colors that they both like are blue and gray.
I'm really pleased with the way it's turning out so far.

Have fun!

Friday, January 27, 2017


Cancer is a word that just about everyone dreads.
Many people's lives have been affected by cancer.
I have a friend who is battling cancer again.
When I heard her cancer came back,  I was very sad for her.
She is a fighter and she's fighting this again.

She shared that she has shaven her hair off
because it was already coming off.
That's when I decided to make her a hat.
So off I went to make her a hat.
This hat is very easy to make.
I found the pattern on Ravelry.
Click the link below for the pattern.

No automatic alt text available.

I added extra rounds to make it a bit longer
than what the pattern called for.
Now off to mail this and keep praying for my friend.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


I have made many quilts for family and friends.
I have also made many baby quilts.
I have always loved making quilts
for people because it is one of
the ways that I can show them 
how much  they mean to me.

A couple of months ago,
a dear couple that I've known for a long time,
asked me if I  could make a special quilt for them.
This was one of the hardest projects that
I have ever done for anyone.

You see, the reason that this quilt was so hard for me to make,
is that this wonderful and lovely couple
lost their baby while she was five months pregnant.
Both my husband and I know how hard that is
because we went through that several times.

The father sent me a picture of what the nursery
was supposed to look when they would have brought
their son home from the hospital.
This was one quilt that I was determined
to make exactly how they wanted.
It took me many weeks trying to find
the zig zag fabric to match from the picture he sent me.

I am so glad that I got it done exactly how they wanted.
Now I just need to quilt it and put it in the mail.
This couple is very dear to me
and I hope that this is a blessing to them.

Monday, January 23, 2017


I'm a quilter, and when making quilts,  I have leftover fabric.
I can't bring myself to throwing away the fabric.
I am always coming up with ideas of what 
I can make with the leftover fabric.

Well,I have the same situation with my yarn.
I can't bring myself  to getting rid of the yarn
once I am done with a project.
I  came up with an idea and I'm liking the way it's turning out.
I am  crocheting granny squares using
the leftover yarn from previous projects.
I am going to make 120 granny squares
and join them with black yarn.
My goal is to get this done before Christmas
and give it as a present to a friend.

Making a granny square is a very easy
crochet pattern to make.
There are many YouTube videos
that can teach you how to do one.
My favorite YouTube Channel is Crochet Crowd.
Click the link below for their instructions.

 What I did yesterday after we got home from church.
I was watching football and crocheting.

One of the bags filled with yarn that I'm going to use.
It's definitely going to be a scrappy yarn blanket.
I can't wait to see how it's going to look when I'm done.

Saturday, January 14, 2017


I so love to play with yarn!
I so love to play with fabric too!

I'm a member of a group on  Facebook that loves to crochet.
One of the members posted a picture of a scarf
they have been working on.
I absolutely fell in love with it
and I knew that I had to make one.

I found the tutorial on YouTube.
I have learned that I'm a visual learner
so I need to see it being done so that I don't  make mistakes.
I'm  so happy YouTube exists.
I found the pattern under Crochet Crowd.
Click the link below:

Once I finished the scarf, I decided to make a hat.
I made the Messie Bun Beanie.
I found the pattern on Ravelry.
It's a very easy pattern to make.
I made this bun in about three hours.

Enjoy and have fun making these items.