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Tuesday, January 24, 2017


I have made many quilts for family and friends.
I have also made many baby quilts.
I have always loved making quilts
for people because it is one of
the ways that I can show them 
how much  they mean to me.

A couple of months ago,
a dear couple that I've known for a long time,
asked me if I  could make a special quilt for them.
This was one of the hardest projects that
I have ever done for anyone.

You see, the reason that this quilt was so hard for me to make,
is that this wonderful and lovely couple
lost their baby while she was five months pregnant.
Both my husband and I know how hard that is
because we went through that several times.

The father sent me a picture of what the nursery
was supposed to look when they would have brought
their son home from the hospital.
This was one quilt that I was determined
to make exactly how they wanted.
It took me many weeks trying to find
the zig zag fabric to match from the picture he sent me.

I am so glad that I got it done exactly how they wanted.
Now I just need to quilt it and put it in the mail.
This couple is very dear to me
and I hope that this is a blessing to them.

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  1. I love this. I know how hard it was to work on this for you as I have gone thru the same thing. Turned out very cute.