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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Today I was finally able to go to Me Time with my friends.
It was soooo good to get together with them again.
The show and tell from last night at Evening Star carried on today.
Dawn shared her antique treasures.
Ellen brought cupcakes to celebrate my birthday.
Afterwards, I headed off to 4-H in my county to help in the plant sale.
I got to see the placement of my projects.  
I was pretty pleased with the results.

 Dawn's antique sewing treasures

 The  birthday cupcakes that Ellen made to celebrate
my birthday.  I am blessed to have her as a friend.
Below are the three entries I put in for the Home Extension
4-H Fair.  I got two reds and a blue with honors.
I'm happy with the results.

Monday, July 16, 2012


Tonight at Evening Star Quilt Guild we had Shirley and Donna from 
Country Lore Designs.  They brought their antique sewing
tools.  It was like an antiques road show for sewing.
Shirley and Donna were delightful and funny.

 Antique boxes with their threads

 Thread case and boxes

 Donna and Shirley

 Some of the quilts that they designed

Sewing machine oil in cans and glass bottles.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Today I finally had the chance to go to the Farmers' Market.  I had not been able to this year.  
It was so good to go back and make my purchases of the delicious vegetables and beautiful
flowers.  What was even better was seeing several of my friends there.  What a great way to start the day.

As always, I had to stop on McGalliard to let the Canadian Geese cross the road.

Beautiful Australian Shepherds.

Linda Michaels probably discussing about herbs.

Marla Shirey and her delicious baked goods.

Amy is always ready to help

Lots of peope

Some are riding comfortably

I bought flowers from this vendor.

Huge sunflowers

Beautiful zinnias

Delicious barbecue sauce.

If you have a change to go to a Farmers' Market, go.  You'll be
pleasantly surprised by the delicious food.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


We are finally closer to home.  After two long and hard days on the road,
we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  The weather cooperated too.
It was so much cooler and cloudier that it helped us stay cool and comfortable
 At a gas station, Jorge meets up with a guy who just bought
a Kawasaki Concourse motorcycle.  They shared information.

As we are on the road, we notice a lot of old classic vehicles.
We have no idea where they were all heading but it
was neat seeing them pass us by.  I started counting
to see how many we would get until we got off the highway.
I counted ninety-six old cars.  There were also several
cars with trailers which Jorge and I assume had
the old classic cars in the trailers.  

In Mansfield, Ohio Jorge noticed this house and he knew
that I would be very interested in seeing it up close.  So
he took me there to see it.  This house was built in 1847.
It was owned and occupied by the family of Doctor Johannes Aten Jones
for 101 years.  It has seven gables and five double chimneys.
Louis Bromfield's memories of the home were the basis for 
"Shane's Castle" in his 1924 novel "The Green Bay Tree".

The most beautiful sign that I have ever seen.
It is so good to be back home in Indiana.


We started off our day with cloudy weather.  That made us very happy.
As we are riding through the small towns, I'm busily taking pictures.
Many of the pictures that I have posted about our adventure
have been while I've been on the motorcycle and it's moving.
Sometimes, Jorge does not realize I'm doing it.  So later on at night,
he asks me when did we stop to take this picture.  I tell him as we passed it.
One of the many old houses that I fell in love with.

 On the road that we were taking, we passed many wineries.

 This is the one winery that we did stop and check it out.

 The inside was absolutely beautiful.
 We tasted several wines with the help of Ben.  He explained to us
how the wine was made and what kind of grapes were used
and the process for making the wine.  It was very interesting.

 As we are getting ready to leave the winery, Jorge and I notice
the dark clouds coming our way.  We were so intrigued
by the way the clouds were shaped because they were passing over a mountain.
 I was getting a little worried because I was seeing
lightning striking down as we were on the road.  Jorge
assured me that the direction of the storm was opposite
of where we were going.  Did we get wet?  Yes we did.
It was not very much and not much for us to stop and 
put on our rain gear.  And actually, the rain felt pretty
good because the weather was hot.

We get to Pennsylvania and go through the Allegheny National Forest and see
the Allegheny River.  We were both very hot, tired, sore and cranky.
Through several of the towns we passed, the thermometer read 92 to 95 degrees.
I sure hope that our ride for tomorrow will be much easier and cooler than
it has been for the last several days.