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Friday, July 6, 2012


We started off our day well.  We met several other bikers from Quebec.  Only one of them
knew English.  They were on their way to Memphis, Tennessee.  We passed through several
towns as we took the scenic route.  Along the way, a bird hit my helmet.  Little did I realize at the time,
that the bird had damaged my visor.  It made it difficult to open and close it.  I have to really be careful.
Later on, there was a wild turkey out in the middle of the road.  Jorge slowed down to see if the turkey
would move.  It did not.  He honked the horn and the turkey finally moved to the other side of the road.
That is all we needed - to hit a turkey!  

Jorge and I felt that today was the longest day for us on the bike.  There came a point
that I was ready to find a hotel and just rest.  It took us a while but we made it.

The silly turkey.
The Canadian bikers from Quebec

On the scenic route we rode, we saw many family owned motels
that appeared to be from the 1950's or earlier.  It was nice
to see these type of motels still in existence.

When Jorge was working in New Hampshire and I went with him, I saw
many signs of moose crossings.  I never got to see any moose.  
Several of our friends would tease me about it.  Well Jorge
got me really good today.  We're going through this small town and Jorge
sees the moose pictured above.  He excitedly tells me about the moose
and I make the mistake to believe him.  For a minute there, I thought
I finally got to see a real moose.  Little did I realize that it wasn't.

 Some of the beautiful scenery that we saw as we rode.
I still would like to move out here.  It's very beautiful.

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