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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Due to technical difficulties yesterday, I was not able to post about our adventures.  After a good night’s rest and filling up the gas tank of the motorcycle, we are on our way.  The scenery was beautiful.  We drove through Ohio, part of Pennsylvania and made it to New York.   
On our way, the weather cooperated.

 Jorge and I had to take a break and rest our bodies.  Here he is
taking advantage of the picnic table and shade.

 We caught up to our friends in North Toconanda, New York.
Michael is a Harley fan.  Boy, did Jorge and I feel
like we were in the minority because we don't have a Harley.
Jorge working on our bike to make sure the lights are working correctly.

After having lunch in the town of Franklin,
Jorge and I go to an antique store and find this
toy sewing machine.  The lady showed us 
that it still works!  Pretty cute.
Once we were in New York, Jorge and I took US Highway 62.
We did not realize that part of the route was called
New York Amish Trail.  We passed many an Amish home.
We saw laundry hanging out but no quilts.

We finally get to Rainbow Bridge to cross the border into Canada.
We were there for 1 hour and 45 minutes!
We did not realize that it was a three day weekend for Canadians.
It was hot and sunny.  Not the kind of weather you want
to have when you are waiting in line on a motorcycle.
The neat thing that happened during the wait is that
we met another couple on a motorcycle and talked
with other people while we all waited.

 Once we finally made it to our hotel, we looked out our window
and loved the view.  We had a perfect view of the falls on both 
the US side and Canadian side.  We were just so tired
that all we did is having dinner with our friends, take a
shower and head on off to bed.

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