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Sunday, July 8, 2012


We started off our day with cloudy weather.  That made us very happy.
As we are riding through the small towns, I'm busily taking pictures.
Many of the pictures that I have posted about our adventure
have been while I've been on the motorcycle and it's moving.
Sometimes, Jorge does not realize I'm doing it.  So later on at night,
he asks me when did we stop to take this picture.  I tell him as we passed it.
One of the many old houses that I fell in love with.

 On the road that we were taking, we passed many wineries.

 This is the one winery that we did stop and check it out.

 The inside was absolutely beautiful.
 We tasted several wines with the help of Ben.  He explained to us
how the wine was made and what kind of grapes were used
and the process for making the wine.  It was very interesting.

 As we are getting ready to leave the winery, Jorge and I notice
the dark clouds coming our way.  We were so intrigued
by the way the clouds were shaped because they were passing over a mountain.
 I was getting a little worried because I was seeing
lightning striking down as we were on the road.  Jorge
assured me that the direction of the storm was opposite
of where we were going.  Did we get wet?  Yes we did.
It was not very much and not much for us to stop and 
put on our rain gear.  And actually, the rain felt pretty
good because the weather was hot.

We get to Pennsylvania and go through the Allegheny National Forest and see
the Allegheny River.  We were both very hot, tired, sore and cranky.
Through several of the towns we passed, the thermometer read 92 to 95 degrees.
I sure hope that our ride for tomorrow will be much easier and cooler than
it has been for the last several days.

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