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Thursday, July 5, 2012


 We start our day with a trip to Lowes to find things needed to
put a flag on the motorcycles.  Jorge and Michael search the
aisles for the right supplies.

With the success of finding the "right" supplies, Jorge and Michael
start working on getting the flags attached to the
motorcycles.  They wanted to make sure that the
flags were going to stay put.

After lunch, looking over the map to make sure
we are all heading the right direction.

We rode through Lake Placid and passed the
Olympic Training Center.  

 The high ski jump that was used during the Olympics.  
There is no way I would ever do that.
As we get on the ferry to cross Lake Champlain, we see a nice storm coming.

 I turned a couple of shades of green as we hit the storm.
I think going on a cruise is out of the question for me.
The storm was done and we made it to Burlington, VT.
The same storm that got us on the ferry also hit the town
really hard.  There were downed trees and flooded streets.
Thankfully, we all were good.

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