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Friday, July 6, 2012


As some of you remember from last year's blog, Jorge and I were on the road
in Pennsylvania heading east when a wild turkey decided to fly into us.
Jorge was able to duck and I ducked as far as I could. Needless to say,
the turkey scraped my helmet.  Well this year, we had no turkeys
fly into us.  Instead we find Mr. and Mrs. Turkey and their brood of 12
crossing the road.  They all made it and I was able to get a picture of them.
They made sure that their brood made it safely across.  Jorge and I
joked that our turkey got married and started a family.

One of the places I wanted to stop is Vermont Wildflower Farm.
I really loved it.  We walked around the grounds and I bought seeds.

Jorge and our friends, Michael and Shannon, surprised me as we went to
Shelbourne Museum.  I really loved it.  The ship above is
the Ticonderoga.  It's a beautiful steam boat.

The Meeting Place

The quilts pictured below are antique.  The first one is called the
Whig Rose and was made in 1858.

The quilt pictured below were made by men.
This quilt was made by Jewett Washington Curtis.
He was a drummer in the 104th regiment of New York during the Civil War.
This quilt was made all by squares that measured 1/2".

This quilt was made by Albert Small in 1940.  
This quilt contains over 123,000 pieces! 
It took him 6000 hours to complete!

 We had to stop to see an exhibit of weapons made by people from Vermont.
Terry Tyler had a large collection of guns and with the help of another
person, they were able to document these weapons and who made them.
All of us really enjoyed it.  They did provide MP3 players for all of us
to hear about every weapon there.  It would have taken an hour.
We recommended that they sell a DVD of this because we 
would have bought one.

 Parting ways as they go east and we go west to our respective homes.

 On Episcopalian church.

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