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Friday, September 7, 2012


When my family and I moved into our present home 17 years ago,
I wanted to make some changes in a hall closet but between
one thing and another, I put it off for another time.
The time finally came for me to change the closet.
I got rid of the clothes rod and cleaned out all the things
that was stored in the closet.  It only had one shelf 
and I had a metal bookcase to store things - I hated it.
This is what I had in the closet for storing games and other things.
So I went to Lowe's and bought three pine boards for shelves.
I wanted to surprise my husband and get it done before he would notice.
Well, he noticed and decided that he was going to help me.
I'm glad he did because he did built something for me to put in the
closet which I love very much.

 I measured the three boards using the existing board from the closet

 I used Jorge's saw and cut them all up. 

 I painted the boards using paint I had at home.

 Jorge built me this wine rack.

 I painted the whole closet and started storing things
As you can see, the top has my canning supplies and
the one below has the wine and some of my Tupperware.

 More storage for my things that used to be on the floor
or top of each other in the metal bookcase.

 The right side of the closet with my Tupperware.

 Our games and several more things.

The rest of the things that I can put on the floor 
because they are still in their boxes.
Now it's easier to get to things without
feeling like I was on a trek to find it.

I am now on a roll and ready to do the next project.
I just have to decide which one it is that I want to 
do first.  So many choices!  :)

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