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Tuesday, April 1, 2014


This morning I was surfing Facebook and a link was shown
for a project that interested me a lot.
I've never made a cathedral window ever and
making this pin cushion was a good project to learn.
This project was easier than I had expected.
If after you try this one and decide you like it and want to take it further,
 there are some great tutorials on House of A la Mode for a pillow
and Hyena in Petticoats  for a whole quilt.
You can also make a much larger version of this as a 16 in pillow for your sofa or chair.
My Go Go Life  has set up a tutorial on how to make the pillow.
Here are the instructions on how I made this pin cushion.
 Cut a piece of fabric 10.5 inches.
 I used a file folder and cut it to 9 inches to use as my template.
 Iron all four corners as shown above.
 Fold down all four edges and iron.
 Remove the template and fold in half and iron.
Fold the opposite and iron.
 When you open your square it will look like this.
 Take all for corners and fold to the center.
Iron all for corners.
Now do it all again. Fold each of the corners in and press.
 I put fabric in the center but you don't have to.
The square measures 4.25 inches.
 I did a quick stitch in both directions to secure it.
 I took scraps whose colors match the center square.
 I fold over the side and pinned it.
Starting at the top of the curve sew it into place.
 Do that for all sides.
You end up with the piece looking like this.
 Take a 7 inch square and cut in half.
Leave a 2.5 inch opening in the center
for turning out later.
 Center the block on top and sew all
around the four corners.
 Trim the excess fabric and turn right sides out.
Before I stuffed the pin cushion, I sewed a button in the center.
Stuff the pin cushion and a blindstitch.
This makes a perfect gift for your sewing friends.
Who wouldn't love a beautiful pin cushion?

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