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Thursday, April 10, 2014


When my oldest son was twelve years old and in 4-H,
he got interested in beekeeping because of a gentleman
that came to the club and shared with the kids about beekeeping.
David wanted to learn more about it.  So off we went.
The leader, whose name was also David, allowed my son,
and the rest of the kids, to adopt a bee hive.
They were responsible in taking care of the hive
and making sure the bees were productive.
David was hooked.  When it was time to harvest
the honey, the kids were responsible for doing that also.
We learned many things about beekeeping.
In time, David purchased his beehives and bees.
We had them in the back yard behind my shed.
I was a little concerned about having them there
because I had to mow in that area but I never got stung.
In time, we moved his hives to a friend's apple orchard.
That was the beginning of his honey business.
He named his honey Apple Blossom Honey.
His honey was transparent and so sweet.
His honey won at the local 4-H fair and at the state level.
We learned many things about honey too.
If you suffer from allergies, like me, have honey.
I add a tablespoon of honey to my coffee every morning.
My allergies have been greatly reduced.
I do that throughout the year and I learned that
it helps your body slowly build the resistance that
causes the allergies.  My allergies are not as intense as they have been.
But the honey has to be locally grown honey, not the store bought.
Here are several good links about the uses of honey.
So when you see a honeybee, don't kill it.
They are hard at work.

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