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Monday, April 7, 2014


I had the opportunity to spend some time with my mom today.
She and I did a couple of errands and then I took her
to a place that I knew she would like very much.
For as long as I can remember, my mom has always loved flowers.
I still remember all the african violets she had at our old house.
They always looked so beautiful.
I took her to the conservatory and she was on cloud nine.
We saw some beautiful plants from other countries
that neither one of us had ever seen before. 
It was a wonderful there and spending it
with y mom was the best!
 My wonderful mom.
 One of the many orchid varieties that we saw today.
 A papaya tree.  I love that fruit.
 A Chocolate Tree.  The football shaped pods
contain 20-40 cocoa beans that can be
used to make chocolate.
 Elephant Ear plant from Southeast Asia
 Blue Sky Vine from India
 The picture above and below is a papaya tree.
Part of the trunk is on its side and works its way up.

 The Powder Puff Tree blooms from mid to late winter.
It has pink fluffy blooms.
 I have no idea what is this plant but it was beautiful.

 So many beautiful orchids.
These are just a few that we saw.
 My mom lights up my life and this plant,
the Golden Candle, was perfect for her.

 Beautiful fish that were hungry.

 Squirrel's Tail

 A Copper Leaf Plant.  It was beautiful.

 This tree is called the Shaving Brush Tree.
If you look to the top picture, you'll see the flower.
The flower resembles a shaving brush.
This tree grows in Cuba.
An interesting fact about this tree, is that it loses
all of its leaves before it flowers and grows
new ones when the flowering is done.

It was a wonderful time there at the conservatory.
We are definitely coming back when the
sunken gardens are in full bloom.

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