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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


For the last 14 years, I've been teaching Spanish to homeschool students.  When I first started out,  I had four students.  I was so nervous and not sure how to do it.  I was learning how to teach as they were learning.  There was a lot of trial and error.  Each of my classes throughout the years have been awesome and wonderful.  They have also been unique.  No two classes have ever been the same.

They have played Spanish Scrabble, Battleship with verbs, Spanish Jeopardy, and other games.  They have watched movies in Spanish like "Finding Nemo", "Lady and the Tramp" and so forth. 

Throughout the years of teaching Spanish, these kids have come up with very funny skits.  For example, I now know what people are going to say at my own funeral!  I had given the kids an opportunity to come up with their own skit.  Boy did they ever!  Cannibals were even present at my funeral.  One year we even had Brad Pitt be one of my students!  The girls in the class, in one of their skits, had one of the guys pretend he was Brad Pitt.  To this day, he still remembers that.

I so enjoy teaching these kids.  They make my Wednesdays! 

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  1. To think I got to be in on the funeral, and the Brad Pitt day... :) Your Spanish class was one of my favorites all through high school - and I still love the language. :)