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Friday, April 8, 2011


When David was in Iraq two years ago, he had asked me to make several quilts for some of his buddies in his unit.  I had made thirteen quilts.  My machine was very busy.  I enjoyed doing that for them.  The guys still have their quilts and have let me know that they love them and still use them.

Now that David is in Afghanistan, you can only guess that quilts are heading out there too.  This is for one of the guys in his unit.  He is a police officer in Ohio.  He loves fast cars and has a yellow Toyota.  Don't ask me anything else about his car because I don't know.
This is his car.

Jorge helped me pick the fabric.  I had gone to several fabric shops and could not find the right fabric.  He gets online and finds it for me.  So once this quilt is finished, it will be heading out to Steve.  When I make the quilts, I like to make it so that the fabric has something that they like.  For example, Steve loves fast cars and that is what the fabric has. 

I have about five more to make.  My goal is to get these done by the end of May and then I can just relax!  I love doing this for them.  So off to sew I go!

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