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Sunday, April 3, 2011


In this day of age where we are busy and the easiest form of communication is either texting or emails, we forget that there was another form of communication.  People took time to write letters to friends and family.

I remember how I always loved getting letters from friends and family members.  I also loved writing letters to them because I would always imagine what how they would feel when they would receive a letter from me.  When both my sons, David and Chris, were in boot camp, the only form of communication was letter writing.  Oh how I treasured their letters.  I still have their letters.  Little did I realize how much they loved receiving our letters.  In our letters, Jorge and I would tell them what was happening on the home front.  To them, our letters were giving them word pictures of our home and what was going on.  Our letters and their letters were a connection for all of us.

Do I still enjoy writing letters?  Yes, by writing my letters, it helps me to slow down and think of the person that I'm writing to.  Next time, write a letter to a friend and see what might happen.

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