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Friday, April 15, 2011


Before David left for Afghanistan, he wanted to buy a sewing machine.  I asked him why and he said that he wanted to be able to repair his clothes instead of having to pay someone to do it.
When he was in Iraq, he paid someone to repair his uniforms.  So off we went to find him a machine.

We went shopping at different places and the machines we saw would probably not make it in one piece to Afghanistan.  We were disappointed that we could not find one that would do what he wanted.  We did go our last place which is the Factory Sewing Center in Muncie, Indiana.  That is where we found his sewing machine!

David explained to Tammy what it that he needed.  She showed him the machine that would work well for him.  Needless to say, the machine is bought.  He bought all the necessary things, needles and thread, that he would use in Afghanistan.  When we got home, he started using his machine.  I gave him several things for him to practice on. 

He has been keeping busy using his machine in Afghanistan.  He repairs his uniforms and his buddies' uniforms and he does not charge them.  Not only is he a sniper but he's also a tailor!

David with his Janome. 


  1. What a awesome son you have raised! Blessing others with his gifts.

  2. I'm active duty Air Force and I approve. I starting out during my technical school hand sewing my friends stripes on their uniforms (as well as my own). After a few months I was convinced to invest in my first machine. I used my uniforms for practice and charged $1 per patch until I paid off my machine. Now I love all things sewing and still regularly get asked to help with of charge of course! So many military members rely so hevily on the local sew shops that I'm glad your son and I can help.