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Thursday, August 6, 2015


A week before my husband and I moved to Florida,
one of my closest friends came over to help me pack.
We spent the whole day packing.
After a day of hard work, we treated ourselves.

She and I went to Muncie, a town near where I live,
and stopped at a local coffee shop
and sipped a delicious cup of coffee
and enjoyed sitting outside and talking.

We were waiting for a shop to open for us to check it out.
The name of the shop is Yarn Stories.
Their address is
119 East Charles
Muncie, IN 47505

Lisa and I fell in love with the shop.
We found out that the shop is new.
The owner is Katy Turbeville.
She has a wonderful selection of yarn.
Her classroom is a great size
and a wonderful place for lovers
of yarn to come together and stitch.

Her little partner is an angora rabbit named Stitches.
He loved to inspect our purses.
He ate his treats out of our hands.
He also loves to cuddle.

 Stitches is such a cute rabbit

I love the way this infinity scarf turned from the yarn I bought at her shop.

When I'm back in Indiana,
I'll definitely be making a stop here.

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