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Wednesday, August 12, 2015


It's hard to image that it has been four years
since my oldest son, David, came home
from his tour in Afghanistan.

We had so many emotions that day.
I remember so well that I was on pins and needles
waiting to see him coming in with
the rest of the soldiers from the 3-19th.
My brother, mom, future daughter-in-law,
and Chris, my younger son, and husband
were all there to greet him and hug him.

I was so overjoyed to see him coming in.
There were several television stations
recording the homecoming.
It was funny because you could hear me
over everyone that was there!

The Indiana Patriot Guard ever faithfully welcoming  our soldiers home.

Jorge and I made sure that all of the soldiers had food for their bus trip.

They are finally here!  So many people cheering!

We are finally all reunited!

Two great friends.

I remember that wonderful day when my son came home,
I look forward to when my other son, Chris, comes home next year.
Chris is now serving also in Afghanistan.

Chris and his unit at the airport with the Patriot Guard Riders.

It was very hard saying goodbye to him.
I pray everyday that God will keep him safe
as he serves his country.

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