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Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Jorge and I are adjusting every day to our new life in Florida.
We are still living in the apartment.
Dotty really likes the dog park that is in the complex.
She has made friends with the maintenance workers.
They love on her a lot and she loves them.
I'm grateful that there is a gym in the complex.
I can go and use the equipment.
It really helps because I'm not used to running
in this weather yet.
North Dames Point Bridge, Jacksonville, Florida
I did not take this picture of the bridge.
This bridge is the Dames Point Bridge.
Jacksonville has four bridges to get across St. John's River.
The longest bridge in Jacksonville is the Buckman Bridge.
That particular bridge is a little over three miles long.

The skyline in Jacksonville is gorgeous.
We learned that this time of the year it rains a lot.
Just about every afternoon we have rain.

This is an alligator and no, I haven't seen any.
That has been one of my fears by moving to Florida.
The real estate agent told me that there won't be any
alligators coming out because they are located in the swamps.

Encircle Shrug
Since all of my sewing things are in storage,
I'm so glad I have my yarn and crochet and knitting needles.
I've been busy knitting and crocheting things for Christmas.

As we wait to close on our house, I'll keep learning about Jacksonville
and adjusting to the weather.

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