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Thursday, March 7, 2013


I think that today was the most eye opening and exhausting day.
In the morning we heard from Pastor Jonathan and Brad
present to us the topic of justice as seen
through the Bible and through culture.
There was a lot of discussion as to the
differences and similarities between both
points of view in regards to justice.

Afterwards we made bead bracelets for the kids
and some of us worked on getting some
folders ready for the next group
of students coming for
Spring Break in Chicago.

After lunch our group was divided into two.
One group went to a day care center 
and the other group went to an after school program.
I was with the group that went to the after school program.

I truly admire and respect the staff at the after school program.
This is definitely a calling.
I was able to connect with three of them and I'll be 
keeping in touch with them to encourage them.
We all came out of there exhausted physically and mentally.
Was it a good experience for us?
I do believe so because it opened our eyes
even more as to the need that is out there in the world.


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