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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


This past weekend we celebrated Memorial Day.  To some, it's a time to have friends over for a cookout and enjoy each other's company.  To many, it's a time to remember our military who gave their lives to protect our country. 

In our family, we have our sons who serve in the Indiana National Guard.  David is in Afghanistan with the 3-19th ADT.  He's part of the security detail and serves as a sniper.  This is his second tour of duty.  His first tour was in Iraq.  His brother, Chris, is an MP.  By the time he finished his training, the unit that he was assigned to had already shipped out for Iraq.  He was disappointed that he could not make it with them.

My sons are the first on both sides of our family that are serving their country.  When they both decided to join the military, we asked them why.  Their response was because of all the stories that their grandfather, my father-in-law, had told them of what life was like in Cuba.  My father-in-law was very patriotic.  He loved this country very much and he passed that love onto my two sons.  They told us they did not want us to lose our freedoms like the people in Cuba had lost.  They also felt it was their duty to serve because of what the United States had done for both our families.

We are extremely proud of both them and the many who serve in the military.  They do the job that many are not able to.  Thank you!



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