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Monday, June 13, 2011


I can't say that I have lived the life of a pioneer woman.  These ladies never had the modern conveniences that I really like.  Sometimes I wonder whether I could live my life like they did without the conveniences that I have now.  I don't know if I can.

But today I did do something without using our modern tools.  I had a tree that was dying.  I could not use my chainsaw because it was not working.  So I ended up cutting the tree down the old fashion way.  I used a saw.  Boy did I get a work out.  Slowly but surely, I was able to cut down the tree.  That happened several weeks ago.  As time went on, the grass grew and covered the tree.  Well, today I had had enough of that tree.  I went out with my two saws and started cutting the tree branches and removing the grass and weeds at were holding down the tree.  It took me several hours of hard work, but it was completed.  The tree is no longer where it was and now that area looks much better. 

How do I feel right now?  Physically tired.  Cutting down the tree just using the saws was harder than I had expected.  But I really have the satisfaction of knowing that I was a pioneer woman for just a few hours today.
The tree covered up by grass and weeds.
Cut down branches and tree burning.  Too tired
to cut up the tree in smaller parts

My two saws that I used to cut down the tree.

All that is left is the stump.

Area mowed and weedwacker used.  Much better now.

 Would I ever be able to live the life of a pioneer woman?  I may never know but I can have a bit of a taste of it once in a while and appreciate how they lived and appreciate what I have today to make my life easier.

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