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Monday, May 23, 2011


One of the things that I love doing on sunny and windy days is doing the laundry and hanging outside on my line.  I love the smell of line dried bedsheets.  I remember my mom doing laundry with a wringer washing machine.  Back at that time, my sister and I had long hair and our mom would not let us get near it because she was concerned that our hair might get caught.  So we would watch her do the laundry and then take the basket outside and hang the laundry.  Even then, I loved the smell of line dried laundry.

Now, I do my laundry on Monday and relish the days that are sunny and windy.  I get to hang my laundry outside and in a few hours it is all nice and dry.  I save money and energy.  But I also get the satisfaction of dong something that I enjoy and relive when I was a kid and watching my mom hanging the laundry.  So off I go to hang my laundry and go back to the time that I was a little girl.

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