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Thursday, June 19, 2014


So far, the weather has cooperated.
The plan for today is to go white water rafting.
Neither Jorge nor I have ever done that,
but we were ready for the adventure.

 A couple from COG donated this bike for a raffle.
The money donated is going to support two
European riders that are here traveling the United States.
Yes, I did buy a ticket.
If I do win it, I will have to ride it home.

Jorge couldn't take it anymore in having a dirty bike.
There was an area set apart from the hotel
where the bikers could wash their bikes.

 Our greeter at the white water rafting place.

 The crazy bunch.

 Our guide Wes.  He was awesome.
Neither Jorge nor I fell out of the raft.
One lady did sitting in the front.


 The guide from this raft went for a swim.

We finished the evening off with dinner at Tupelo Honey.
The restaurant opened the day before and
we went there on the recommendation from the
representative of the Chamber of Commerce.
She got it right!  The food was great!

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