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Thursday, June 19, 2014


 Lots of things to do.  Jorge went to a couple of workshops
and I went to one just for lady riders.
Even though I did not participate in the one for the 
lady riders because I didn't ride, I still learned a lot
and I'm hoping to implement that in my riding.

 This motorcycle is going to be given away.
Jorge is hoping that he is the winner.

 Abbe and I at the rally.
Both of us came to the same conclusion that we
have met before but we have no idea where.
We've come to the realization that we may not remember and that's okay.

 Met this young man at the rally.
He's a Navy Seal that was wounded by an IED.
Very nice young man.

I met the actor Perry King.
I didn't know that he rides bikes too.
He's very down to earth.

 The ladies that came to learn more about how to be better riders.

 This represents the hotel's definition of heavy hor d'oeuvres.
We all liked their definition.

I got to ride in this Russian made motorcycle called the Ural.
It's based on a 1930's BMW.  
It's like the ones that you see in WWII movies
that the Nazis rode.
It was fun!

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