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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


No sooner do I finish piecing one quilt
that I start working on another one.
This one is no different.
I have a beautiful young lady that I've
known since she has been born.  I love her dearly.
She is getting married this year and I
decided to make her a queen size quilt for her.
I perused all of my quilt books for a pattern that would
catch my attention to make for her.
I came up to this book and the quilt on the cover caught my eye.
I knew I had found the quilt to make for her.
I decided to make it a scrappy quilt and started
going through all of my bins and began selecting what I would use.
To make the queen size quilt, I needed 144 - 9 1/2" blocks.
It took me about two hours to select and cut all of the fabric.
It will take me several days to piece all of them.
I will show you my process.
Now off to do other needed things in my home.

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