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Sunday, February 2, 2014


 My son and daughter-in-law moved to Cary, North Carolina one month ago today. As you would expect, I had tears running down my face when they left. My husband and I finally were able to come down for the weekend. 

What a beautiful area they live in. They took us to a Farmer's Market. It was so strange buying fresh fruits and vegetables here while back there is lots of snow and cold weather. They took us to a flea market. I loved it. Too bad we came in the car and not the Suburban. We went to a very nice quilt shop and then to where David works. 

It has been a great time being with them. It will be hard to leave them tomorrow as we head back home. 

My granddog Eva. 

David enjoying his orange. They were the size of softballs. 

I saw this old cash register and the Farmer's Market. 

The quilt shop we visited. It was located in a very nice old house. Lots of beautiful fabric. 

Where David works. 

My son and his wife. 

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