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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


The director for the Quilters Hall of Fame located in Marion, Indiana
is a friend of mine.  Many weeks ago she told me about the
new exhibit they were preparing for and she asked me
if I was interested in coming and helping hang the quilts.
I immediately said YES!  

The collection of WWII quilts belongs to Sue Reich.  
Between 1941-1945, women were busy working in the
defense industries, planting Victory gardens,
and keeping the home fires burning.
These quilts, made while their sons, husbands, brothers,
and loved ones were in the battlefront, have
been packed away in attics and trunks for 60 years.
This exhibit honors the bravery and sacrifice
of the  men and women.
The exhibit of these quilts will be from
October 4th to December 8th.

The museum's address is:
926 South Washington Street
Marion, IN
Thursday through Saturday, 10-3

 I'm helping here holding one of the signature quilts.
 We're measuring walls to make sure the quilts will fit properly.
 Choosing which quilts were going to go on which walls.
 A crazy quilt made for the American Red Cross
 One of the ladies that was helping brought her father's
Merchant Marine's uniform.  He joined when he was 17 years old.
 This quilt is called "Three Cheers" which was signed and dated in 1942 - 1943.
The quilter is unknown.  This pattern was first published in 1942 
in the Farm Journal.
The V symbol for victory was popularized during WWII
by Sir Winston Churchill.

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