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Sunday, October 21, 2012


Sorry that it has taken me a while to finish writing about our coming
home from our last motorcycle adventure.  On the last day of our journey,
we traveled to Princeton, Indiana to visit the parents of really good friends.
What was supposed to have been a thirty minute visit turned out to
be an hour and a half.  We could not leave because she had made
a delicious coffeecake and coffee.  We just had to try some.

 Our dear friends, Marjorie and J.D.

 Their very happy dog named Louie.

After leaving our friends, we started on our trek towards
Vincennes.  We both wanted to go and check out the
historical places there.  Our first stop was the Grouseland Masion
built William Henry Harrison.  Our tour guide was 
absolutely awesome!  The sad part was that
photographs were not allowed inside.  So 
I've linked the mansion's website for you to see the inside.

 An old house that is a radio station. 
I'm so glad it was not torn down.

Another beautiful old home in Vincennes.

Our trip was wonderful and we really enjoyed it.
We are most definitely heading back to Vincennes.

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