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Friday, September 30, 2011


When I was working on the baby gift, I saw on the Martha Stewart Show a beautiful idea for a gift.  The idea is to use onesies numbered by the month and take pictures of the baby at each month.  Here is what you will need in supplies:

Templates:  1 - 4 month template
                    5 - 8 month template
                    9 -12 month template
Iron-on transfer paper for light fabrics
(3) 0-3 month infant onesies
(3) 3-6 month infant onesies
(6) 6-12 month infant onesies

I downloaded the templates onto my computer for future use and printed them following the directions on the iron-on transfer paper.  The setting I chose on my printer was photo.  Your image will come out clearer.  Be really careful not to touch the images once they're printed. The image can be smudged.  I know because I did it.

 Cut out the designs making sure you leave a small white border around the design.  Your printed designs are going to be mirror images.

Do not use your ironing board to work on this project because you will need to use a lot of force.  I put a white bedsheet on the floor as my work area.  Before you iron on your design, make sure your onesie is laying nice and flat without any wrinkles.

Place your design on the onesie and take your iron, which is at its highest setting and press and hold for 30 seconds.  Make sure your iron has NO  water.

Let your design cool off before you peel off the backing.

Once you're done with all of them, place them in a gift box or bag and present it to the mom to be with a small note about the onesies.  They will simply love it. 

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