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Monday, July 4, 2011


Jorge and I started on our adventure to New Hampshire.  This is the longest trip we have ever taken on our motorcycle.  We have been preparing for a while for this trip and are really excited about it.  We started on our trip early Sunday morning. 

We had to make several stops just to rest our old bones.  We made it to our first destination in Kane, Pennsylvania to a bed and breakfast called Kane Manor.  We learned that it was the home of General Thomas Kane.  The house is absolutely beautiful.  I fell in love with the house.

Our bedroom was very lovely and delightful.

The original dining room wallpaper.

Me and Curly.

The Kane Family are very famous.  Dr. Evan O'Neill Kane performed surger on himself proving local anesthesia works.  He was 70 years old and removed his own appendix.  It worked.  Another famous Kane family member was General Thomas L. Kane who served during the Civil War. 

Our next point of destination is Bennington, Vermont. 

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