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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Several days have passed since my last post.  Again, due to lack of internet access I am now recapping our trip at home.


We are on the road heading towards Connecticut to visit dear friends.  We are taking country roads to get to our destination.  As we are traveling, we go through beautiful towns.  We loved the old houses that we saw.  We were able to see the cornerstone when the building was erected.  What we in Indiana think is old here is only young in the east coast.

During this ride to Connecticut, I see the Red Lion Inn.  This inn has been in existence since 1773.  We did not go in to eat or look the inside but the building does house the Country Curtains company.  Jorge came in with me to check out the curtains and he selected several that might go well with our bedroom.  It was great to see the curtains better than the catalog.

We arrive in Connecticut and spend two days with wonderful family.  The kids loved the fact that we came on motorcycle.  So on Sunday, Jorge gave their oldest daughter a ride to church.  Needless to say, she was a very happy young lady.


As we leave Connecticut, Jorge surprises me and tells me we are heading to Lancaster, Pennsylvania to check out the Amish area.  Boy I was very happy.  Since it was Monday, I knew it was laundry day so I was hoping to see some quilts, but no such luck.  Either way, it was wonderful driving the countryside and seeing the Amish farms.

Tobacco grown by Amish farmers.
We toured an Amish farm and home.  We learned more about their lifestyle.  I admire their determination to live the lives they live.  I'm not sure I would be able to because I do like the modern conveniences.

Tomorrow I'll share about the quilt museum that Jorge and I went to.  Good night for now.

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