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Thursday, July 14, 2011



Well, this day in Intercourse, Pennsylvania Jorge and I went to the People's Place Quilt Museum.  The quilts were absolutely beautiful.  Here are a few of the quilts that Jorge and I saw.

The Postage Stamp Colorsplash quilt has 36 different fabrics.  The postage stamp sized squares made it possible to include two to three times as many different fabrics.  Each block is one inch square in size and each is squared to its neighbor.  All 5,329 squares are crossed, corner to corner.

The Bargello Abstract is a study of color gradation and results from a carefully orchestrated composition of fabric choices.  The contemporary variation of the more traditional bargello design shows peaks and sweeping curves, all in a simple double border of solid black and coordinating floral.

The Center Diamond is one of the oldest and plainest Amish quilt patterns and historically found almost exclusively among Lancaster County made quilts.  The quilt is awesome for its deep, rich colors and its lavish quilting done in black thread.  The lage cranberry square is tipped on point to form the central diamond.  The focal point is the quilting design.  The wide ourter border, typical of Lancaster Amish quilts, provides a final showcase for the quilted feathers, hearts, floral feathers and straight lines.

The Distant Trees quilt is an art quilt of contemporary design.  The front and back side of the quilt has its own characer.  The quilt blocks are constructed one at a time in an attempt to create a feeling of movement. 

Jorge loved the back part of the quilt better than the front.  I guess he likes the contemporary quilts more.  He still likes the traditional but I see a bent toward the contemporary.

This quilt is titled Ode to Jo.  The pattern requires half square triangles and basic squares to complete each of the 20 blocks.  As I looked at this quilt, I felt I was looking at a stain glass window.  The quilt was hung on the ceiling.  The sawtooth border is absolutely beautiful.

The Bargello Wave quilt has simple rectangular blocks of colored fabric, which appear to radually shift in size and placement.  The varying widths of the pieced blocks from a 1/4 inch sliver to  a 2 1/4 inch block make a gradual wave, sloping and shifting from left to right.  Both Jorge and I loved this quilt. 

The last quilt I want to share with you is title Confetti.  Imagine of just throwing a bunch of fabric squares up into the air and watch them fall.  That's almost the recipe used for this quilt. In spite of the crazy ramdomnness of the blocks, the quilt shows planning and organization.  There is an assortment of warm and cool colors in a full range of values for each block.  The white sashing defines the 30 blocks of Batiks.

We really enjoyed the museum and the wonderful quilts.  If you ever get an opportunity to go to a quilt show or museum, go.

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