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Saturday, July 9, 2011


Due to the fact that internet access has been difficult, I've not been able to post about Jorge's and my adventures on our motorcycle.  So here is a synopsis of what we've done.


After we leave Kane Manor to get to Bennington, VT, we encounter something we've never had encountered before even in our car.  We are riding along as we see a wild turkey on the other side of the road on the shoulder.  Unfortunately I did not have my camera out for the picture.  But this silly bird decided that we wanted to get to the other side of the road.  Please don't forget that I mentioned that we are on the road.  It sees us coming and decides to take flight.  Wild turkeys don't fly very high.  Jorge and I duck quickly.  Unfortunately, I could not duck any lower and the turkey grazed my helmet.  That silly bird was fine and so were we but we had a good and hearty laugh for several minutes.  That could only happen to us.

As we reach Port Allegheny, PA we come across a barn with a beautiful quilt block on the side.  As Jorge does a u-turn, we tip over and fall.  I landed on my knee and the foot peg hit me on the back of my calf.  Thankfuly nothing serious happened and the bike was fine.  I did get the picture of the barn.

We keep riding till we get to Hoosic, NY.  There is a store there that is also a deli that is very unique.  It is all moose related,  Anything that has to deal with a moose they have it. 


We are in Bennington, VT.  The night before we enjoyed the wonderful fireworks which we could see from our hotel.  I really had no desire to get on the bike and head on out to the park.  As we are preparing to leave, we come to the hotel's cat.  His name is Puddles and he was very cute.

Off we go to Manchester, NH to meet up with one of Jorge's former co-worker from Ruger.


One of the places that I wanted to go and see is the Joshua L. Chamberlain Civil War Museum in Brunswick, Maine.  On our trek there we go through Portsmouth, NH and see the North Church where it had some very famous dignitaries there.  William Whipple, John Langdon, Daniel Webster and President George Washington attended there.

We finally reach Brunswick, ME and we start our tour of the Chamberlain Museum.  We learned more about the man and grew to admire him even more.

We head on off to Camden, ME with friends and enjoy a wonderful dinner by the coast. The food was awesome but the weather was not.  It was pouring rain and we decided it was not a good idea to drive 3 1/2 hours back to Manchester.  So we stayed at a lovely little inn.


The next day we are on the road and head on off to Friendship Trap Company for a tour.  This is a small company that makes lobster traps.  These traps are not made out of wood like we've seen before. These traps are made out of steel wire covered in plastic.  We learned that the traps are customed made for each customer.  I was amazed at the amount of work that is involved in making a trap. 

We end our day by making it back to Newport, NH to Crow's Nest Campground where Jorge lived while he was working for Sturm Ruger in 2009.  We got to tour the plant and see the many changes that they have made, had a relaxing time at the campground and resting as we prepare to leave on Saturday for Brookfield, CT to see friends and make our trek home. 

This has been an interesting vacation and getting to see things that I never thought I would see before.  Can't wait to see what lies ahead before we get home.  Bye for now.

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