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Monday, February 4, 2013


Good morning everyone!  My name is Brumhilda and I live
with my "parents", Jorge and Irene.
I'm taking advantage that my mom is not on the computer
and I want to share a little bit about me.
Now you may ask why is my name Brumhilda.
My name originally was Cleo.  My original owner gave me that name.
I had a sister whose name was Peek a Boo.  She only had one eye.
The sad part of my life is that my first mom had to give me and my sister up.
She could no longer take care of us anymore.
The good thing is that she took us to a pet rescue center
so that a new family could adopt me and my sister.

My second mom, Irene, came to Pet Smart in Muncie
looking for a new cat.  There were lots of cats and kittens there.
I could tell that she loves animals just by the way she was talking to them.
I really wanted her to pick me but she kept going back to the kittens.
They were really playing up the "cute" card.
She finally came to my cage and I just started purring.
Boy did she like that.  I knew that was the only way I could win her over.
She read the card that had all the information about me.
She asked the nice lady if she could hold me.
Once I was in her arms, I just hugged her and purred my heart away.

As my new mom was filling out the necessary papers to take me home,
she shared with the lady  her sad story.
You see, my mom and dad had previously two cats.  
The first one was called Emma.  She was a gift from her best friend.
She lived with them for three years and loved her family very much.
The sad part was that the day before her oldest son left for
Afghanistan, she disappeared.  Their son saw her that night
with a mouse in her mouth.  I think she brought that
gift for him to take with him.  They suspect some bad animal killed her.
My poor parents were so sad for several days.
First, their son leaves to serve his country and their kitty disappears!
Her best friend gave her another kitten.
From what I have heard, she was also a good cat.
Her name was Ellie.  Just like Emma, she disappeared
on my mom's birthday.  My poor mom.  :(
My parents decided that it hurt too much to have another cat.
But I guess I was meant to be because she picked me!
I had found a new family!

Life with my new family has been wonderful. 
There is a dog named Dotty here that we get along.
She really likes to play.  I wasn't sure at first, but now we do play together.
My parents did have one scare with me.
Some bad animal attacked me.
Thankfully, I was able to escape and come home.
My mom took me to the doctor and they fixed me all up.
My parents decided that I was no longer going to be outside.
So they took me back to the doctor and he took all of my front claws out.
I guess my parents didn't like the fact that I was scratching up
their furniture - sofa, chairs, rugs.

Here I am helping my mom with her devotions.

This is my favorite pose.  I just plop myself on the ground
and purr and my parents just rub my tummy.

I usually try to get comfortable on my dad's lap,
but this time I was not able to.  I usually succeed
even when he has his laptop.

All that work in trying to get on my dad's lap got me tired.

Catching my 40 winks.

What can I say, but don't you think I'm cute?

I'm hoping my mom doesn't get upset that I used her laptop.
Maybe I will be able to use her laptop and just
share with you my thoughts.

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