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Monday, November 12, 2012


Several months back I participated in a fat quarter exchange.
The challenge is to make something out of that fat quarter
and bring it back to the December meeting of my guild.
I thought and thought as to what I could do with the fat quarter.
The fabric that I got is a beautiful batik.
So I look into my stash and found other fabrics that could work along with it.
I chose two other coordinating fabrics and began my project

I cut two strips from the fat quarter that measured 3 1/2 x 20.
For which I forgot to take a picture.

 From each fabric I cut four 4 1/4" squares.

 Cut each square diagonally in both directions to make 
thirteen quarter squares of each fabric.

 You will end up with this.

 Here are the three fabrics.  The brown batik is what I was
given for the exchange and the other two are from my stash.

 From a cream batik, I cut six strips that measured 2 3/8".
From these strips I cut 39 squares which I cut 
diagonally to make 78 half square triangles.
 I sewed each cream batik triangle following the pattern

 From each of the three fabrics, I will make thirteen Flying Geese.
I sewed all of the Flying Geese to make a thirteen strip.

I laid out the thirteen Flying Geese units and 
joined them with the batik strips.

I took one of my quilting stencils with 
nice curves for the strips and will
quilt in the ditch in the Flying Geese rows.

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