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Saturday, February 26, 2011


My sewing room is my haven.   I get to use my creative energies and can be in my room for many hours.  Now you may think that my room is large and lovely.  Well, my sewing room only measures 7 x 8!  With my room being this size, I have to take advantage of every inch.

In this corner of the room, I have my fabric in plastic bins.  I have them sorted by color and/or category.  For example, I have all my Civil War Reproduction in one bin.  That way if I want to work  on a quilt from a particular era, I know which bin to go.  As you can see, I use every possible space to store my fabric.

In this one, I have my cutting table with more plastic bins under the table with fabric.  I use two wall cabinets as my bookshelves for all of the books that I have. 

My new sewing machine.  My old one had finally bitten the dust.  Jorge knew that I do a lot of sewing and needed a better machine.  So when we were at Factory Sewing Center in Muncie, I came home with a new machine.  It is a great machine and I have put it to good use.

Would I like a bigger room?  Yet betcha!  What would be my dream sewing room?  This would be it!

Someday.  Well, I can dream can't I?

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