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Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Both Jorge and I had a wonderful time in Helen.
It was great seeing our Indiana riding friends.
The last day of the rally was Thursday 
and Jorge and I stayed till Saturday.
He and I went out on Friday afternoon and
did some more riding on the curvy roads.
Yes, I got nervous at first, but I knew that I could do it.
I'm so glad I did.

I am so glad that Jorge did get the opportunity
to go ride the curves with friends.
The two guys he went with challenged him.
The same way he challenged me when he and I went out.

Saturday, he and I made our way home early in the morning.
We had to make many stops because it was so hot
and we were both getting dehydrated.
The temperature on our way home was 95
with a heat index of 103.
We got home and just jumped in the pool.
Boy did that ever felt good!

Our reservations are made for next year.
Overall, it was a great few days of riding.

 Jorge, Mark, and Rich riding and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

 The day that Jorge and I went on our own.

The scenery was beautiful!
I could really get use to riding on these roads
and getting more practice.

Jorge was ahead of me and he sped off so that he could
take a picture of me coming out a tight curve.

The only bad thing that happened to our bikes
was with mine.  The brand new right saddlebag plopped open.
The latch does not align and won't close.

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